This is a blog about the AMAZING travels of Peter and Dennis, hitchhiking along the east coast of Australia from Sydney to Cairns (and maybe a bit further). It does not only include the travels but also the preparations before the hitchhiking and particularly the stay in Summer Hill.

Peter and Dennis met up in the beginning of December 2011 in Glebe YHA hostel in Sydney where they shared a 4 bed dorm room. Peter only just arrived from Denmark 1 day. We have such a LOVELY time together. Unfortunately, Dennis decides to leave for Melbourne within 3 days. The next 3 weeks Peter and Dennis spent their time separately. However, after 3 weeks when Peter is still staying in Sydney and Dennis returns to Sydney just before Christmas we catch up again after some messages by phone. The days we spent together around Christmas/New years and just afterwards are so AMAZING! We decide to travel together!

When Dennis gets invited to stay in a room in Summer Hill, it does not take long for Peter to join him. And so it happened: Dennis and Peter staying in the same room in a PRETTY AWESOME place in Summer Hill and they will be leaving for the east coast!

Much love,

Peter and Dennis


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