The CROC trip

After our trip on the Whitsundays we decided to leave for Townsville right away with Joe. On our way to Townsville we lost Joe and we tried to find each other again, which seemed to be pretty hard in this new city. It was a very lively city and looked quite great, much different than all the other cities we past by during our trip from Hervey bay with the van. Anyways, after all we found each other and he seemed to be one street away from us! We bought some basic dinner and slept just a bit out of the city in a park.

The next day we left for Cairns, but decided to stop over at Mount spec, Paluma Range national park where the Big Crystal creek, little Crystal creek and Rock slides could be found. We were now traveling with our new friend from Sweden, Joe. We drove around in the mountains and found the rock slides. Absolutely amazing place. There was only us and 3 young Aussie guys. We played around on the rockslides which worked because of the waterfall. The beautiful nature. Afterwards we did some cliff jumping. Love it! We loved the place but we decided to move on and go further up in the mountains to find some larger waterfalls. And we did! A very nice relaxed place with the sound of running water in your ears. Joe and I (Peter) decided to climb up in the mountains to find a good spot to get the best views of this wonderful place. We sat on a rock and had the best view! Free men! Enjoying a joint together with a good conversation. I took a lot of pictures with my eyes and I will never forget this place and that moment with Joe. We went down to Dennis and had a swim in the water from the mountains.  We moved on and continued to Cairns. When we arrived in Cairns, we made our dinner at the barbeques in the beach area. After that we found a bottle shop and bought a case of beer! All off us wanted beers so bad, so we enjoyed it to the fullest! Unfortunately Cairns has this rule that it is not allowed to drink in public, which made us move to a park where we could sleep as well. We got the camping chairs out of Joes car and had a nice night in the park!

The next morning we went to the lagoon and met up with Otis and the English girls. We enjoyed the lagoon but we wanted to move further up north. We did not had so much time. So we found Otis and said to him that we could not wait anymore. He was pretty cool about that and went to his hostel and packed a bag for the road trip up north. We were happy and ready for the roadtrip! 4 happy guys in 1 campervan! YEAAAAAAH!!!! 😀 Amazing! On the road to Port Douglas we drove 18 kilometers in the mountains along the ocean and we have never seen a more beautiful road in our life. It was just unbelievable! We took a lot of pictures while we drove! Mars (the van) had a sun roof, so you could stand up through the roof and get the best views and best pictures. A great time on that amazing ocean road! When we arrived in Port Douglas we made some good burgers at a barbeque in our almost new home. We used that place 3 nights to cook 🙂 We loved that place. We drank beers and a lot of white wine and had a fucking great time! So much fun!

The next day we woke up early in the car because it was so freaking hot. 4 boys in a 40 degrees van! That is hot! But it was good because we then did not wasted the day. We decided to drive to Cooktown, which was 3,5 hours north from Port Douglas. Cooktown is not a place we can recommend but the road in the mountains was incredible! Cooktown was so hot! Boiling! All the way to Cooktown we stopped at different creeks to try to spot a croc. And everytime we saw a creek we yelled “CROOOOC”! But we never saw one before we came to Annan river where we finally saw this huge croc sunbathing!  Cool animal! CROC! We did not wanted to stay in Cooktown and we loved Port Douglas so much that we decided to drive all the way back again and make another barbeque at the same place! We were so happy all the time and had a fucking good time. We walked around in the town and had different games where you had to make push ups if you failed. I (Peter) took approximately 60 pushups that night! I was so bad at that game. You were not allowed to say “yes or no”. So we were taking heaps of push ups on the street. And pushups with a box of wine on our back. This night we also played some drinking games and had a lot of fun with that!

The next day we went out fishing and caught a great fish which we cooked on the barbeque! So delicious! So good to fish when you are having hangovers! That night we had another barbeque and we got some Bundaberg Rum and coke, and heaps of ice to make the fridge in the van more cold. An old aussie guy came this night to us and showed us his car, there was the most luxury car ever! It had all the equipment you need when you are camping. He told us about his life and that he had been shot a couple of times and he showed us diamonds and sapphires that he had found. He was a little creepy but a pretty nice guy that just cruised around in Australia and wanted to make his own company. The same night we met a girl and two guys of the age 18/19, but they looked 5 years older at least, so weird! One of them called Ricardo was so nice and we had a great time talking to him and drinking with him. Apart from the rum, a cask of wine was almost emptied that night. We went out that night to this bar in town with them where many conversations were shared. Joe was extremely drunk and Dennis went with him to the van to sleep. All previous night Dennis and Joe had slept in the back of the van and when Peter and Otis came back they really wanted to sleep in the back. Joe was so far away and could not be waked up at all! Instead Peter and Otis started screaming: ‘If Joe does not wake up, we’re going to drive and catch fish. Give the keys, we want to drive!’. Obviously, they were way too drunk too drive. The next morning they could not remember any of this and could not remember how we changed the position of the car.

This morning the Joe, Otis and Peter went to do some fishing, but were not able to catch any at this point. Meanwhile, Dennis cleaned most of the van so it was ready to be handed later that day. We made some brekky (Prawns on the barbeque) and ate some cereal. We took a shower at the showers near the beach and drove towards Cairns now. Along the route we stopped at this place where crocs were being fed. Unfortunately, we had to pay $33 per person to see this at the zoo. Crazy! We decided not to and drove back to Cairns along this beautiful route again. In Cairns we had some lunch and enjoyed ourselves by the lagoon. At the lagoon Peter met Malou a girl he knew from Denmark (she had the most stunning eyes!). Around 3ish we had to bring back our van to Spaceships. We drove there and were there just in time. When we brought it back, the lady told us that no one ever returned the van this clean! The spaceships depot was further away than we thought, so it took longer than we thought. Meanwhile, Joe had to meet up with his parent on the airport. Joe had to go and we were still walking – we were unable to say bye to our friend which traveled with us for about 2 weeks 😦 That night we had another barbeque with the English girls and Otis. Malou also joined us for some good chats. Such an excellent barbeque, with heaps amount of food and some alcohol! The English girls went back to their hostel early, since their flight to New Zealand was leaving early in the morning next day. Us and Otis instead went out to Gilligan’s, a bar in Cairns. We had some beers, did some dancing and had some chats. That night there was some kind of competition where girls from different countries competed in their bikini’s to be the best/sexiest dancer. Woo, way to go miss Canada, SHE could dance. Not too late we went back to the hostel.

That night the English were supposed to wake us up to say goodbye. I (Dennis) said goodbye to them, but Peter and Otis were passed out and could not be waked up – such a shame. Our last day of our travels were spent in Cairns having some brekky, enjoy by the lagoon and packing our bags. Our plane was supposed to leave at 17:10 that day, so we got a shuttle bus to the airport at 14:30. Atleast we would be in time then! The shuttle bus was late… 5, 10,… minutes passed by – no shuttle bus. Apparently, the bus was late – how convenient when you have to catch a plane. By coincidence we walked into Malou and were able to say goodbye to her as well. Finally, the bus arrived at 15:00. We said goodbye to Otis and hopped in! On the way to the airport the driver forgot to close the door to the car where the baggage was in. He drove the same route again to check if there were any bags lost. That did not really make sense. We arrived an hour later than expected on the airport. Some girls who did not allow for so much time before their flight had to catch their plane within a few minutes now. We were lucky – our flight got delayed by 2 hours…. We checked in, walked around the small airport, looked through the shops and decided to have a huge meal at the hungry jacks. Huge was overrated – we got the smallest burger we ever saw. So much for this burger king…

Finally, we caught the plane. Instead of the expected 4 hours flight, it would only take 2,5 hours to fly back to Sydney! In the plane one of the connectors for the earplugs did not work. We reported it to the only steward in the plane. To our surprise, at some point he offered us free meat pies in the plane (supposed to be left overs). They were  so good! It got crazier: when we finished our first meat pies, he offered us another meat pie! We were the only passenger being offered free pies. We figured he must of liked either Dennis’ Dutch accent or he must of been gay. We flew over the Sydney harbour bridge and the opera house, great view during night. The weather in Sydney was amazing now after being horrible for the past days (apparently). Because of the delay we had called David and had told him that we would arrive too late for him to pick us up. In the end we arrived in time to be picked up, but he went to sleep already. Instead, we caught the airport link, which is basically just a train to summer hill. Finally, back in Summer Hill again. Oh, we did miss our home in Sydney.


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