Fraser Island and our trip to Airlie beach

The beautiful mother nature. Fraser Island was one of a kind. Louise drove us to the Hostel where we should meet up with the new people that we were going to travel around at Fraser with. We went out and did some grocery shopping for the 3 days at the worlds largest sand island. Dennis and I were alone in the start and we thought that we needed to buy our own stuff for the trip. But after a chat with 5 girls and a guy from England we joined them and did the grocery shopping together. Excellent! In the evening after the grocery shopping we talked with two Canadian girls who seemed to be very nice. I (Peter) showed them a card trick and they were easily picked up. Unfortunately they were not that interesting as we thought.

At 6 am the next morning we woke up and took off to Fraser. Dennis and I were ready and happy because of the lovely new people we should travel around with.  The 4X4 wheel drive drove us to the ferry which brought us to the Island. A beautiful sunny day and the dolphins were happy and jumped around in the water. The first day we went to a couple of unbelievable lakes with the most clear water we had ever seen in our life. A lake called Lake McKenzie blew us away and we loved it. We took the white sand and used it as soap on our skin and hair, which made it so soft and nice. Everybody was so happy and played around in the lovely lake. You could even drink the water. A really fascinating place. After this great place we went to another lake there was placed around about 30 minutes walk from the beach. After the walk through the jungle we came out to a place like a desert with sand everywhere and a little very warm lake.

We got to learn most of the people and talked about travel, education and family. Travel and education are always the main subjects and it bores me (Peter) a lot to talk about education. The most of the people we met are older than me and finished their education and those that are not done yet know exactly what they want to do about education. Horrible to hear when you have no clue about what you want to do in the future. Never mind!

We cruised around at the beach and came to our camp. First expression= SHIT! Millions of flies everywhere and tents to sleep in. But the nice people we traveled with made the days so amazing. Both of the nights were filled with wine and drinking games. A lot of fun. So much fun that all of us sucked each others fingers, danced around and pretty much passed put. Dennis could not remember the end of the first night and fell a sleep on the beach under the beautiful stars. The second night I did exactly the same. 3,5 liters of wine gave me the worst hangovers ever. But it was worth it though. We enjoyed the time on Fraser a lot and the nature and views around that place are fucking awesome. Dennis watched the sunrise the last day and took some incredible pictures of it. I saw it as well, but I can’t really remember it, because of my hangovers.  I almost walked on a dingo (wild dog). Fraser was amazing and we will definitely recommend it.

When we came back, we stayed one night at the hostel and the day after we got picked up by our new amazing grandma (Louise) and went back to their lovely place. We had talked a lot about renting a campervan and after a couple of hours we had our own campervan for the next 14 days. Dennis went the day after to Brisbane in the morning to pick it up and at 2 pm came back with our awesome new home (mars). At first eyespot I loved it. We packed our stuff and said thank you for all to our new bonus grannys. A goodbye, but hopefully a reunion. On the road again after 8 days without hitchhiking. We had an amazing time with John and Louise and they gave us love like we were their grandchildren. We can not thank them enough.

The first night in Mars (the campervan) was good. We celebrated the first night with all you can eat Chinese food. Nice? YES!! Bundaberg was not the best town and we left it the day after when we had been to the botanic gardens. Our next goal was Town of 1770. We found the sign to a lookout point and parked Mars to go for a walk to the place. This place described how amazing Australia is. And how most of the places are. Beautiful! Cliffs, the ocean, the waves, the wind, the sky, the heat! THE NATURE! Unbelievable! We went over a fence and climbed up the cliffs and crawled out on the cliff, so we could be as close to the water as possible. 15 meter high cliff with beautiful views of the fantastic world we are living in. Felt so good! That is Australia. And that is how it is most of the places! Absolutely stunning!

After this great feeling we drove to Gladstone and slept there. The next morning we went to Yeppoon. We had a long walk on the beach and had a great conversation. Dennis had a haircut as well and we had a good shower while dancing naked in a picnic area with outdoor showers. Naked=Freedom. We drove further up north and stopped in Mackay to sleep. I had a driver lesson from Dennis. And I cruised around in the parking area where we slept. So easy to drive with automatic gear. I do not need a driver license! Too easy mate 🙂

It was still raining and we decided to drive up to Airlie beach right away. It was only a few hours away and we decided to go to white mountain national park 1 hour away from Airlie beach. We drove by the big mango, bowenhood and some fruit shops along the route. We were hoping to climb the white mountains, but no path could be found up the mountains which was such a shame. Even though we did not see what we wanted, it was still a fun little road trip. We were hoping for better weather that night. Unfortunately, but yet fortunately, the weather was not any better. That night we were forced to make our dinner under a shed. Fortunately, we met Joe there. An amazing Swedish guy travelling on his own! It seemed that he would be on the same boat on the Whitsundays as we would be. The storm of rainfall did not allow us to do much and we spent all night talking to Joe. Later that evening we drove into the mountains with Joe (who had his own car as well) to camp.

The next day the weather looked much better and we were able to enjoy the lagoon in Airlie beach. Peter took a free small course in Chinese yoga that morning. Meanwhile, I bought an underwater camera for our trip at the Whitsundays. Most of the day was spent hanging around Airlie beach, the shopping street, hanging around with Joe and eating. Also, we managed to get our music installation in our car fixed – we can now connect our iPod to the car! Especially Peter seemed to have a great time with Joe, smoking some lovely weed. That night we slept in the mountains with Joe again. The next day will be our trip to the Whitsundays!


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