Life is like a box of chocolate

That is the interesting thing about life. You wake up in the morning and you never know what the day will bring you. We never knew that Tuesday the 14th of February would be a day with a miracle. After leaving the Gagaju bush camp we started making new signs for our hitchhiking. Our goal was Hervey Bay. We found out that the distance was a little too long (200 km), which made us make some new signs with smaller distances to smaller towns. First, we had a ride from a sweet girl from Thailand. She drove us to Cooroy. She was a owner of three Thai restaurants in Australia. She dropped us of and after a while we got picked up by an older Aussie guy. He had been travelling all around the world, but he had not been to China yet, which he planned to experience next month for six weeks. Interesting guy. He worked as a cake maker. He dropped us of near Gympie at the big highway and at that time we were a little pekish. We grabbed the peanutbutter and our bread from our grocery bag and started making some sandwiches. I (Peter) was not even done before two smiling Aussies stopped their car and asked us where we were going. We said Hervey Bay! They said HOP IN!

We thought that it was the most lucky moment ever and we were so happy. We had a little chat with them in the car and they asked us if we would like to come to their place and have a hot shower and a cup of coffee. We said yes please! We could not imagine what was happening. So much friendliness!  When our eyes met each other in the car we were just sending satisfied smiles. Beautiful! Louise and John are just lovely we thought! But they were more lovely than that. They invited us to stay at their place from Tuesday to Saturday!!!!!!! Holy S”””!!!!!! It could not be better! They live in the country in a beautiful home with Swimming Pool, beautiness, kangaroos and a lot of different amazing animals.

We are having a very nice time here. We have heaps of awesome food. Prawns, fruit, salad, chicken, sandwiches, you name it!! Wonderful! We have a lot of fun. Playing pool with John. He is pretty good and he is teaching us different tricks. We are at night time playing golf with the venomous frogs, which is very funny. There is happening a lot of things and we are happy. Today we went with Louise to a Zumba dancing lesson with all the grannys! Pretty awesome! 🙂 Tomorrow we are going to stay one night at a hostel in Hervey Bay to get to learn our new travel mates for Fraser Island and the day after we will go to Fraser for 3 days. We have been looking at renting a car/van after Fraser. And we will hopefully do that.

There is so many things that we are looking forward to!

Tomorrow is a new day and a new morning!

You never know what you get……

– Peter Lykkegaard


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