Life is like a box of chocolate

That is the interesting thing about life. You wake up in the morning and you never know what the day will bring you. We never knew that Tuesday the 14th of February would be a day with a miracle. After leaving the Gagaju bush camp we started making new signs for our hitchhiking. Our goal was Hervey Bay. We found out that the distance was a little too long (200 km), which made us make some new signs with smaller distances to smaller towns. First, we had a ride from a sweet girl from Thailand. She drove us to Cooroy. She was a owner of three Thai restaurants in Australia. She dropped us of and after a while we got picked up by an older Aussie guy. He had been travelling all around the world, but he had not been to China yet, which he planned to experience next month for six weeks. Interesting guy. He worked as a cake maker. He dropped us of near Gympie at the big highway and at that time we were a little pekish. We grabbed the peanutbutter and our bread from our grocery bag and started making some sandwiches. I (Peter) was not even done before two smiling Aussies stopped their car and asked us where we were going. We said Hervey Bay! They said HOP IN!

We thought that it was the most lucky moment ever and we were so happy. We had a little chat with them in the car and they asked us if we would like to come to their place and have a hot shower and a cup of coffee. We said yes please! We could not imagine what was happening. So much friendliness!  When our eyes met each other in the car we were just sending satisfied smiles. Beautiful! Louise and John are just lovely we thought! But they were more lovely than that. They invited us to stay at their place from Tuesday to Saturday!!!!!!! Holy S”””!!!!!! It could not be better! They live in the country in a beautiful home with Swimming Pool, beautiness, kangaroos and a lot of different amazing animals.

We are having a very nice time here. We have heaps of awesome food. Prawns, fruit, salad, chicken, sandwiches, you name it!! Wonderful! We have a lot of fun. Playing pool with John. He is pretty good and he is teaching us different tricks. We are at night time playing golf with the venomous frogs, which is very funny. There is happening a lot of things and we are happy. Today we went with Louise to a Zumba dancing lesson with all the grannys! Pretty awesome! 🙂 Tomorrow we are going to stay one night at a hostel in Hervey Bay to get to learn our new travel mates for Fraser Island and the day after we will go to Fraser for 3 days. We have been looking at renting a car/van after Fraser. And we will hopefully do that.

There is so many things that we are looking forward to!

Tomorrow is a new day and a new morning!

You never know what you get……

– Peter Lykkegaard


Into the wild…Noosa

So we moved back to Glen Villa Resort and met up with the German girls again. Unfortunately, they decided not take us with them anymore (something to do with jealous boyfriends…).We had to make our own plan … (and we did!)

The day we returned to Glen Villa Resort we went out to compare the prices of the trip agencies. We decided to walk by Indie Travel first. A guy called Mark helped us. He was so nice! We told him about our plans and our thoughts and he showed us the possibilities at the east coast. He came up with a 3 days 2 nights trip to Fraser Island (including 2 nights of accomodation in Hervey Bay) and a sailing trip on the Anaconda to the Whitsundays for 3 days and 3 nights. This combination of trips sounded pretty amazing already. We were very happy about it already – there was a big discount of $165 on the Whitsundays boat trip. But, we pushed him to add some more. After all, the combination of the two was an expensive trip! After a few calls, Mark added a 10% discount on the Fraser trip, a 3 day/3 nights canoeing trip in the wild around Noosa and quite some accomodation vouchers for the east coast. And at last we had two happy boys. We were happy with the deal and our trading skills.

Meanwhile, while Mark was doing the paperwork he lent us two bodyboards to use on the beach. It was amazing to use those and move along with the waves in Byron! Later we picked up the papers, paid for our trip, posed for a picture with Mark in the travel agency and made a lot of happy sounds. With our trips booked on the east coast, we now knew for sure we had to fly back from Cairns to Sydney. We booked our flight from Cairns to Sydney on the 8th of March. Now all we need to do is reach our destinations by hitching!

With the huge amount of trips to do, we decided to make an approximate itinerary. This itinerary can be found here.

The next day we had lunch with Caino’s organisation where he does voluntary work. We got a really nice sandwhich. We walked with Caino from the park where the lunch was back to the organisation’s reception where he had an hour shift. After offering to help with the dishes we were given a big bag of salad. The salad was so nice! Also, they gave us proper forks, spoons and knifes. So lovely!

It was really time now to head out. We said bye to Caino and started to head north to Surfers Paradise. Based on our good experiences of hitching on a roundabout, we decided to try this again. Within 10 minutes we got a lift in Byron from a French guy who lived here for about 5 years. He first had to drive to Coco, a female friend of his, and we got a nice little road trip out of that. She told us that hitching from the Gold Coast was quite hard. We drove quite a bit with him and saw the ‘Welcome to Queensland’ sign. He told us that the time is now 1 hour earlier. He drove us to a place along the Gold Coast highway and dropped us off near a petrol station. We required another hitch to Surfers, which was still 30 kilometers away. We picked up our sign again and started hitching. We did not find it easy to find a hitch, but within half an hour we got a lift from Adam, a federal police officer of Australia. He told us that hitching was illegal in Australia and I guess he is the person to know it. He teached us some slang: “I’m dry as a dead dingo’s donger” and told us some Thailand stories about big party’s and lots of sex. He dropped us off at a backpackers hostel, where we checked in. It had a pool, a sauna and all the facilities we required.

In Surfers Paradise we spent the rest of the day on the beach and then went ahead to make our dinner. The beach is beautiful, but the beach is recognisable by the high buildings along the beach. Our dinner consisted of the salad we got in Byron Bay and some pasta. It is a delicious combination. That night we planned to walk around in Surfers, but unfortunately it started raining. A long walk ended up in a lot smaller walk. Earlier that day we noticed a sign in Surfers offering a really cheap breakfast (2 eggs with bacon and toast). We could not let this offer slip and we went for breakfast in this Italian restaurant the next morning. It was a very good breakfast considering the price. After our breakfast we went to buy a bottle of water in the Woolworths. We came across another good offer: $0.50 for a kilogram of bananas! They were a bit old, but they were delicious (yes we tried them right away with bread and peanut butter).  We then walked for quite a bit (1,5 hours) to find a good hitching spot outside Surfers. We did not have much luck in the beginning with finding a lift. We only had people acting like they would pick us up, but once your walked to them they drove away. But in the end a guy with the nickname ‘Rocket’ picked us up. He just had a meeting in Surfers and was heading back to Brisbane where he lived. Such a busy life for him: work, a wife to keep happy, 2 kids and another on his/her way. He dropped us off at the hostel where we were going to stay at.

The hostel in Brisbane was cheap….and dirty. We did not like sleeping in at all and we were not planning on taking a shower over there at all. Base hostel in Brisbane, not a recommendation. Anyways, we went into the city and walked through the shopping street (Queen street). There was this lovely market with delicious fruit, nuts and all other kind of things. Really sweet! Anyways, we walked to the library to get on the internet and try to be social to our great friends at home 🙂 When we walked back at 5ish the market was about to shut down and fruit was being sold way cheaper than before. Peter managed to buy over half a kilo of grapes for a single dollar and they were delicious! That night we made an alternative of a lasagna recipe since we did not have an oven available. Instead of making lasagna we used pasta. Our lasagna contained pasta, tomato sauce, mince, cheese and the banana we bought earlier in Surfers. It is so ****ing delicious with banana. Not quite knowing what we wanted to do that night we decided to go to the cinema. We walked in and since no one was checking we walked into this movie called ‘A Few Best Men’. It was simply hilarious. We had a great (free) night!

The next day we left the hostel as soon as we could. We had to walk a lot to get to a reasonable amount of traffic going to Noosa. After some waiting at this bus stop and people ‘stop-pranking’ us a few times we got a small lift from this girl. She had been stewardess for some time, but lived in Brisbane now. She dropped us off a few kilometers further where the hitching would be much easier! We kept waiting for a lift while thousands of cars passed us on this busy road. We were about to take a lunch break when we got picked up by Daniel. He got off work one day earlier and wanted to surprise his wife and kids at home. He took us to the busstop in front of his house near Noosa where a bus to Noosa would leave every half an hour. As stubborn as we were, we still decided to hitchhike to Noosa. Even though we were on a road which did not quite go to Noosa directly, we managed to get a ride from this lovely business woman Catherine! She just dropped off her parents in the nearby village and only that day had to go to Noosa. How lucky! She dropped us off on a camping site. We were so excited and booked a night at the camping site. However, the ground of the camping site was not suitable for the pins of our tent and we could not set up our tent. What a bummer. With the time being 6ish we decided to stay at this vipbackpackers hostel instead. It had a pool and was nearby all important places where we had to be in Noosa.

That night we met Martin, a Swiss guy. Without any doubt you could see that he was such a nice guy and we spent some time talking to him and joined him with dinner. After our lovely meeting with Martin, we had some alcoholic drinks disguised as juice in bottles since it was not allowed to buy your own alcohol at this hostel. While drinking we got invited by two Australian guys to go along with them (and 2 other girls) to a club in Noosa. Even though we were tired, we went along. After a return trip to the hostel to switch the thongs to normal shoes, we finally got in. The moment we walked in some guys were dragged out violently out of the club by security. Nice, some action. It was a lovely night with these $3 drinks and admitly we got a bit tipsy.

The next day Martin took us in his car to the National park in Noosa. The park was beautiful with amazing views of the area. We stopped at the beach in Alexandria Bay to take a dive in the sea and relax a bit. The beach was almost empty of people – a real natural beauty still. We enjoyed ourselves a lot, but it got a lot more enjoyable when this girl started walking towards the sea. Peter thought it would be fun to run naked into the sea while he was screaming. Well, it was funny: the girl did not know how quickly she had to go back to her towel again! What can I (Dennis) say: Peter felt free with his Willy jiggling around. Afterwards Peter suggested we should do it all together now and … we did. Just imagine 3 handsome guys running naked over the beach. We felt free, finally.
After our little exercise we went back to our hostel for a lovely lunch together with Martin. We also made wraps for dinner together with Martin and had some drinks. It was such a lovely day.

The next day we would be picked up at 10.00 AM in the morning at our hostel towards the Gagaju bushcamp. We said bye to Martin and were waiting to be picked up….and waiting…and at 10.30 AM there was still no pick up. We called and there was some misunderstanding: we had to be at Noosa junction. We could take the 1.00 PM bus instead at Noosa junction. Martin was so nice to drop us off at Noosa junction and we had another lunch with Martin. After our lunch we said our final bye to Martin and went to wait for the bus. We could of been waiting for another few hours if Peter did not ask a girl if we were on the right spot waiting, because we were not. Anyways, we got to the bus which was packed with people. We luckily managed to obtain the two front seats with a bit more space. We had a bit of a conversation with the driver and he told us that it was too cold at the moment in Oz. He liked a temperature of about 65 degrees celsius, which is crazy. Anyways, after some shopping and driving we finally arrived at the bush camp! Yaaaay!

We were shown around the bush camp which had it’s own kitchen, a tv with dvd player and a pool table. The first night we would sleep in these hammocks in a big tent and the second and third night we would sleep in 3 person tents already set up. That afternoon we went to a lake where you could swim and jump of a 7 meter high cliff into the water. We had to make sure we jumped far enough to reach deep enough water, but it was an amazing jump to do!

The next day we would finally start the canoeing! Our group of people existed of two Canadian guys (Phelp and Hunter), an English girl (Christine), a Swedish girl (Charly), a group of 5 young Swedish guys and a group of 4 Swedish girls. There were a few basic rules, one of which was: you look out for each other and thus return together. Sounded like a simple rule but ended up being a pain in the butt. Today we would canoe towards a lake which is only half a meter deep. It was about 7km one way and it took quite a bit to get to the beach near the lake, in particularly since the groups of Swedish guys and girls were not so much in a hurry (and we had to look for each other…). Once we arrived at this beach we had some lunch, had a swim in the lake, bought some cookies (which we really needed!) and bought some milkshakes for ourselves. That day we were supposed to canoe towards a tree swing from where you could jump into the water in a creek nearby and then go back to the camp latest 3:30 PM such that we would be back before dark. Our subgroup of the Canadians, English girl and Charly were so keen to go this creek, but for some reason it took the Swedish girls till about 3:00PM to get back to the beach. We did not have time anymore to go to the tree swing, because they appeared to just think about themselves. After a rough ride on the lake with some larger waves we finally got back to camp. Just as the night before we made our pasta with sauce and beans/peas. Simple and cheap, but it filled our stomach up.

The next day we would canoe in the other direction of the river on which the camp was situated. We would canoe to this beach on an other lake and then go for a walk to the beach at the sea. The Swedish girls left the camp that day- they signed up for something of which they thought it would not be that way. And it explains why they took so long to get back to the canoes the day before. Anyways, we did canoe to the beach on the lake and walked to the beach near the sea. The beach was almost empty and it was beautiful. The quietness, the strong current of the sea and the great weather. A few hours later we walked back to our canoes. Once we arrived, one of the canoes seemed to be missing. Well, it was not at the place the Swedish guys put; it was on the middle of lake! They water level raised and grabbed their canoe haha. Have you ever seen 5 Swedish guys in a 3 person canoe? We did and it was hell funny, hoping they would fall in! Unfortunately, one of the peddles of my (Dennis) canoe was missing as well and it was nowhere to be seen. We decided to go back with the two remaining peddles and don’t say a word or we all would lose our $20 deposit. That night we had an interesting conversation with Charly, Christine, Phelp and Hunter. Politics, education, party and travel were the main subjects. We did not speak a word to the Swedish guys, who all seemed to be on their own. It was a great time in the Gagaju bush camp and we are so happy we went there.

Also, we have updated our pictures for our trip in/to Byron Bay, which can be found here. For a selection of images (which is still to be updated further) of our pictures to/in Noosa, look here.