Summer Hill

Our stay in Summer Hill!


The travel begins


After three lovely weeks in Summer Hill together with David and Lena, we are now ready for our travel up the east coast of Australia. From Sydney to Cairns, and maybe a little further than that is our goal. Our time in Summer Hill has been amazing! Lena and David have given us a lot of love and great experiences. We have the “home feeling” here. A lovely morning hug starts the day perfect! We have been with Lena around the city and we went out for dinner a couple of times. We tried Libanese food for the first time and that was so delicious. The local pub was also in use for two times. Monday Schnitzel night and Tuesday steak night. Actually pretty awesome! Friday, we went at a daytrip with Lena to Cronulla and I (Peter) had a lovely swim in the surf. We have some nice pictures with Lena at Wanda beach, but they are at Lenas camera. We will get them 🙂 After the swim we relaxed in the sun and we found out that Lenas nails are pretty frightening. Impossible to have a little fight with her because of her nails! So sharp! After that,  Dennis had a huge burger in the city and I choose to help Lena with her chips and gravy. Yes, I regret! That burger was the best I have seen in Australia!

We went with David at a daytrip to Kangaroo Valley, Berry and Moss vale. So amazing! I was pretty tired after 4 hours sleep, because of work the night before. But I really cheered up because of lovely company and amazing SASH music! So cool to cruise around in the mountains at the small roads with the windows down, wind through your hair and sweet music in your ears. Great feeling and I was almost smiling all the day 🙂  The best experience of the day was our bush walk in the mountains, were we had some great views from the cliffs! Yelling out in the wild and getting an Ekko back make you feel alive!

We will remember our time in Summer Hill as a time with a lot of laughing, lot of love and great conversations. The meeting with Lena and David has been an experience we’ll never forget and they will always remind us of amazing moments! Singing out loud with Lena in the car, mostly to the “somebody that I used to know” (Gotye). The peaceful nights with tea, biscuits and great conversations. The never ending “rock, scissor, paper about who is having the front seat in the car”! The hugs! The love! Yeah, the time in Summer Hill has been amazing!

But we are travelers! We are ready to new experiences! The tent is ready as well! Our mood is extraordinary! We have been looking forward to this for so long and finally there is only one day left! Nice feeling! No work to worry about! Nothing to worry about! We have each other, our backpacks, our tent! And the most important, our great mood! We are ready to live in the nature and have the completely freedom!

Our dream!

– Peter Lykkegaard

Our meals

During our stay together we make a large variety of meals and (even if it is hard to believe) they are all extremely delicious! Ofcourse, as nice as we are, we would like to share such delicates with you.